The technology platform at the service of safety and productivity

ARGOS is a technological platform for the optimization of communications in complex environments, such as mining. Composed of telecommunications infrastructures, software applications and electronic devices, it offers advanced tools for the optimization of mining activity through centralized monitoring and surveillance of the infrastructures and agents involved in the operation. It is presented as a modular and scalable system, highly customizable, and can be adapted to any mining operation.

"The way every mine in the world operates is different, so the process of implementing digital systems must be customized."


Advantages and benefits

Safer and more efficient tasks

Increases efficiency, productivity and task safety.

Operational insight

Reduce costs by increasing operational knowledge based on data logging and information analysis.

Fully connected work teams

Optimizes the coordination of work teams.

Built for complex environments

Designed specifically for complex environments such as subway mining.

Tailor-made functionalities 

Implementation of customized functionalities according to the client’s needs.



Control Center

Where the intelligence of the entire system resides: computer servers and integration gateways with different technologies that coexist harmoniously.

Field terminals

Emergency telephony, smartphones, tablets, radio stations, locator tags, digital video cameras, and any device that is part of the ARGOS ecosystem of each mine.

Mobile App

Installed on the most advanced field terminals in smartphone and industrial tablet format. industrial.

Web App

Management and control center for the entire platform that can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device in the ARGOS network.


Modules and features

Underground localization

Underground localization module that allows to know the location of people, vehicles and machinery in real time, leaving a record of all the activity that allows to implement advanced analysis based on the position.


Module to implement the monitoring of any existing infrastructure in the mining operation, which in turn allows to carry out a system of warnings and alarms automatically and unattended (corrective and preventive maintenance). With the historical record of infrastructure operation, it is also possible to perform advanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance tasks.

VoIP Intelligence

Personal communications module for advanced voice, video and text messaging services. Designed to modernize communications in subway mining, it offers a multitude of communication possibilities between work teams. It streamlines all processes that require immediate coordination, and adds advanced functionalities oriented to the safety, health and welfare of mining personnel.

WUAI (Wireless Underground Analysis and Inspect)

Module of tools for diagnosis and monitoring of telecommunications infrastructures. In a complex environment for telecommunications and technology such as the subway mine, it is essential to have guarantee tools that help those responsible for maintenance to maximize the availability of wireless communications networks.

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